Love Object 0

Love Object – 2003 – a sex doll lovestroy

Kenneth works as a copywriter of sorts. Well, forget that, not of sorts, he’s a copywriter specialized in instruction books. He’s very good at his job and finished long before the deadline every time. You could say that he has a pretty boring life and lives solely for his profession. Maybe that is why he’s so efficient and fast when it comes to creating instruction manuscripts. For this new assignment, he gets a new assistant but it’s obvious...

The Last Days 0

The Last Days – 2013 – modern post apocalypse

As always when a movie gets multiple releases the cover differs a bit from release to release. Some might look very interesting just by looking at the cover and some others wouldn’t make your head turn. In the case of The Last Days, I really like the Njutafilms release. It gives me a sense of hopelessness and I think that’s  an important quality of post-apocalyptic films. Of course, there’s a need for hope as well...

Death or Glory 0

Heavy Load – Death or Glory – 1982

If we’re talking about Swedish Heavy Metal bands, there’s one band that comes to mind – Heavy Load. They were true pioneers of the genre in Sweden back in the day. They fulfill all criteria of a cult band too. Maybe they weren’t that obscure back in the day but they sure didn’t get the attention they deserved. Maybe that’s why they didn’t stick around for long either. They just weren’t willing to compromise their...

Seventh Son 0

Seventh Son – 2014 – Dungeons and Dragons

I don’t know where the belief that the seventh son of the seventh son should have magical powers. One thing is for sure though. It’s nothing that was invented solely for this movie. I think it’s ancient folklore actually. But does it really matter? It’s true in the mythology universe regardless of where the idea was spawn from. When I bought this at a flea market I had no idea what it was. I could see that it...

Walk the Earth 0

Europe releases new album

The last few albums with Europe has been quite nice. Some better than others of course but I like the concept. It’s not that kind of “hit pop metal” like during The Final Countdown era. It’s more straightforward hard rock these days. Walk the Earth should be interesting to hear. To be released October 20th, 2017.

TwentySeventeen 0

Travel with the Sun – TwentySeventeen – 2017

When there’s an email from a band that recently released their debut album in the inbox things can basically go in two directions. The first way is that it’s something kinda awkward on the album. Perhaps something that’s way to modern and doesn’t suit an old man like me. Then there’s the other possibility. That the music featured on the album is really good and you wonder why you never heard it before. This is...

Transistion State 0

OZ releases new album

I have a couple of the early albums by Oz. For some reason, I have never listed much to them even if they’re actually really good. Now Transition State is released on October 20th, 2017. I’m excited. Should be interesting! The cover art looks fantastic too!

Attack on titan 2 0

Attack on Titan Part 2 – 2015 – The story continues

When I saw the first movie Attack on Titan I wasn’t too impressed. But since I already had both of the movies I thought it would be a shame to not watch the sequel as well. I’m not sure Attack on Titan Part 2 is a traditional sequel though. It might just be a continues story. There are however some resumé at the beginning. In my case, I didn’t need it. I didn’t wait for...

One of the Boys 0

Gretchen Wilson – One of the Boys – 2007

I actually reviewed Gretchen Wilson and One of the boys once before. Don’t worry, it was somewhere else and in another language. I don’t see it as a problem anyway since opinions are like perishables and are only valid for a short moment in time. Most opinions don’t differ that much over time though and only minor changes occur. Country music isn’t my favorite genre but I do listen from time to time as I find...

The Moment after 2 0

The Moment After 2 – 2006 – Confusing sequel

The Moment After was a movie about people disappearing. The Moment After 2 is a movie about something completely different. Well, not completely different of course as it is a prolonging of the concept started in the first movie. There’s absolutely no record of people disappearing though. It is like that part of the story never happened. Or maybe we were given enough explanation in the first one? The Moment After 2 is more about the conflicts between the government forces...