Monthly Archive: April 2017

Garden Party Massarce 0

Trailer: Garden Party Massacre

I got this trailer in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Since I have a huge backlog I haven’t really got around to watch it until now. It seems to be great fun though. The actors, based on the trailer might not be top notch but it’s always hard to get a context out of compilation clips like this. If I can get my hands on it I will review it for you! Wish...

Gösta Ekman 0

In Memoriam: Gösta Ekman 1939-2017

Sad News indeed. To hear the one of your country most beloved actors has passed on is always depressing. Even more depressing is when it happens on April Fools Day. Not that anyone would make a joke about something like this but denial is in the human nature. The date certainly doesn’t make it easier. But I guess there’s no escape. Gösta Ekman is dead. Gösta Ekmans most famous quote must be “that he was...