Monthly Archive: July 2017


Martin Landau passed away

My first Encounter with Martin Landau was probably the Sci-Fi show Space: 1999. Here in Sweden the show was aired as “Månbas Alpha” which translated means “Moon Base Alpha”. I don’t know which is the better title for the show but it really doesn’t matter. When the show was released in Sweden a few years ago I had very vague memories of it. I got the series though and I started to remember fragments of...

George A. Romero 0

George A. Romero died

Why is it that George A. Romero never was considered to be one of the great directors of our time? Sure, among fans of horror he was considered a God but I don’t think that general movie goers knew anything about him. Yet he almost single-handed created a whole sub-genre! The Zombie films wouldn’t have been what they are if it weren’t for his vision. What George A. Romero did was to take a creature...