Monthly Archive: August 2017

Janne Loffe Carlsson 0

In Memoriam – Janne “Loffe” Carlsson 1937-2017

Once again it’s time to take farewell of a person that’s been there all my life. An actor and musician that I loved for the personality he  oozed. There is no doubt in my mind that Janne Loffe Carlsson was a really nice man. I know that he lived not far away from where I was raised. But I never ran into him, it would have been quite possible of course. Janne Loffe Carlsson was...

Tobe Hooper 0

Tobe Hooper Died

Another childhood hero bites the dust. Aren’t we all getting old when one by one of you childhood heroes dies? It sure seems that way. I’ve seen a few film by Tobe Hooper over the years but now I realize that there weren’t that many of them. If you look at the filmography there is a handful few that really stick out, the rest are TV episodes and stuff like that. Some movie are awesome...