Monthly Archive: October 2017

For the Demented 0

Annihilator releases For the Demented

I have actually missed out on several releases from Annihilator in recent years. it’s kinda strange since Jeff Waters is one of my all-time favorite guitar players. He and Annihilator always seem to do something fresh and inventive on the albums. It’s not just the song, he’s also the master of riffs. There’s no reason to think that it will be any different with For the Demented. I will look forward to it and, in...

Fats Domino 0

In Memoriam – Fats Domino – 1928-2017

Once upon a time, I collected as many classic songs as I could on cassette tapes. There were Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry of course. There was probably Bill Haley and there sure was Fats Domino. He was a true pioneer of rock n roll and it’s not hard to understand why if you take your time and listen to him. His piano playing might not be as distinctive as that of Jerry Lee Lewis...

Umberto Lenzi 0

In Memoriam – Umberto Lenzi – 1931-2017

It’s kinda sad really. Umberto Lenzi was a really good filmmaker and did movies in all kind of genres. Maybe he wasn’t a master of them all but he was close enough to make fine movies in every aspect. The sad thing is that he’s most known for the cannibal film Cannibal Ferox, a movie that supposedly was banned in as many as 31 countries. If that’s true or if it was a way to...

The Raging Tides 0

Exumer – The Raging Tides – 2016

When I review music I usually listen a lot to the album before I review it. Then When I have written something I tend not to listen to it at all and go on to the next project. That means that I sometimes take my time because I really don’t wanna stop listening. As in this case, Exumer is so good and I absolutely love The Raging Tides! This is Thrash Metal as it was meant to sound!...

The Class 0

The Class – 2007 – a really disturbing movie!

Just looking at the cover art of this Estonian film give me chills. I was over-interpreting it of course. Look at the SS in the title words – The Class. Aren’t those very similar to the lightning bolts used but the SS during the second world war? That was what I thought, and I have a special interest in movies that revolves around Nazi themes. I’m not sure why but I think it’s about that dark...

Aint Rock n Roll 0

The Hawkins – Aint Rock n Roll – 2017

This album is really falsely named. Aint Rock n Roll is such a lie. Because Rock n Roll is exactly what it is! That’s the closest genre to describe the album anyway. If I were to compare to something it would be a crossover between the Hellacopters and Motörhead. But never mind that now. The Hawkins has attitude and there’s a lot of energy in the music. I don’t think I ever heard something like it. There are...

Love Object 0

Love Object – 2003 – a sex doll lovestroy

Kenneth works as a copywriter of sorts. Well, forget that, not of sorts, he’s a copywriter specialized in instruction books. He’s very good at his job and finished long before the deadline every time. You could say that he has a pretty boring life and lives solely for his profession. Maybe that is why he’s so efficient and fast when it comes to creating instruction manuscripts. For this new assignment, he gets a new assistant but it’s obvious...

The Last Days 0

The Last Days – 2013 – modern post apocalypse

As always when a movie gets multiple releases the cover differs a bit from release to release. Some might look very interesting just by looking at the cover and some others wouldn’t make your head turn. In the case of The Last Days, I really like the Njutafilms release. It gives me a sense of hopelessness and I think that’s  an important quality of post-apocalyptic films. Of course, there’s a need for hope as well...

Walk the Earth 0

Europe releases new album

The last few albums with Europe has been quite nice. Some better than others of course but I like the concept. It’s not that kind of “hit pop metal” like during The Final Countdown era. It’s more straightforward hard rock these days. Walk the Earth should be interesting to hear. To be released October 20th, 2017.