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Marquis De Sade – 100 Erotic Illustrations

Marquis De Sade has shocked for generations, was sentenced to death, his books were censored, artists, authors as well as psychologists have dealt with his work. De Sade writings became the symbol of the forbidden worldwide – perversion personified. Now, for the first time, Goliath Books presents a unique text-free collection of all erotic illustrations of De Sade’s works, published as a beautiful hardcover book. The Marquis De Sade’s writings have since experienced a great...

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In Memoriam Roger Moore - 1927-2017

When I grew up there was a constant debate on who was the “real” James Bond. At this time there were mainly two actors that had played the character. Roger Moore and Sean Connery. One of them was the “true” James Bond and the other was not. I was in Roger Moore’s team. Not necessarily because he was a better actor or anything but the movies were funnier. There were more humor in the Bond...