Daily Archive: March 9, 2018

Dr Strange Blu Ray cover 1

Dr. Strange – 2016 – Another piece of Marvel

Marvel delivers yet another cool movie! Just a few years ago, I wasn’t that into Marvel productions. It was more because I didn’t recognize the super heroes than that I didn’t like the actual concept of the films. To be truthful, they have always been quite esthetic to watch. They’re beautiful and they have a lot of nice action (and CGI). I think the days when we all were Anti CGI is now over. We...

fifth wave 0

The Fifth Wave – 2016 – Alien Invasion

When I got hold of this I thought it was some kind of juvenile adventure movie. Possible with a fantasy twist. The Fifth Wave isn’t exactly that. There may be youngsters in the main parts and the story is seen from their perspective. It may even be targeted for a younger audience, but there’s nothing fantasy about it. The Fifth Wave is a Sci-Fi Thriller as I see it. The main plot is about these alien ships that...