Daily Archive: April 12, 2018

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The Sandman – 2017 – Not just in you dreams

I really like Tobin Bell. He has a way of acting that seems totally distanced from what he’s doing. He seems so uninteresting in what he’s doing that he creates an aura of interest for his character. Sounds strange right? Well, I really like him. In The Sandman, he has a really small part though. I get the feeling that the only reason he’s in this is that he has a high celebrity status than the rest of...

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Dean Brody – Beautiful Freakshow – 2016

Even if I sound like a total metal-head from time to time I’m really not. I seek great music in every genre and country is great relaxing music in my mind. How I find these artists beats me since I don’t have any knowledge of the county scene at all. Of course, once I found something I can google and read up about the artist and record. Dean Brody and Beautiful Freakshow isn’t an exception...