Daily Archive: April 15, 2018

Jigsaw 0

Jigsaw – 2017 – Final(?) episod of the serial killer saga?

What is this? The seventh or eighth installment of this franchise? Never mind that, there’s no shame in a load of sequels and it certainly doesn’t mean that there’s a difference quality-wise. Sure, most of the time a film series loses quality the larger the number of sequels gets. This might even be true for the Saw franchise. I really can’t remember any of the previous parts in general. I remember the overall concept but...

Grave Digger Healed by Metal 0

Grave Digger – Healed my Metal – 2017

Back in the old days. The days when there was still a heavy metal radio show in Sweden. I remember that Grave Digger was played on that show. Yes, since Sweden is a very small country there was only on such radio show. Once a week they played metal at a great broadcasting time. I used to tape them just to expand my library of metal music. Those days are gone now of course. These...