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Behind Convent Walls – 1978 – Walerian Borowczyk

I’ve seen a few movie by Walerian Borowczyk before. I think they’re all more or less kind of difficult to watch. Not because of the adult themes often included in them but for the slow-paced process of the plot. Behind Convent Walls isn’t an exception from that rule. There’s actually not much going on. It’s more like a snapshot of what goes on behind the closed-door of the convent. And let me tell you, there...

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Iced Earth – Plagues of Babylon – 2014

If you look at the cover of Plagues of Babylon, or any Iced Earth album for that matter, you might get the impression that the music is very violent. That isn’t the case. It’s metal music of course but less death and more power metal. It’s a pretty nice album, not fantastic but well worth a listen if you’re into symphonic and melodic power metal. Plagues of Babylon is kind a of aggressive album. The band...

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