Daily Archive: March 14, 2019


Kill or be killed - 1976 - nostalgica de luxe!

The deadliest tournament! For some reason I have come back to the movies I liked and watched in my youth. We didn’t call them Martial Arts though. For us it was just “karate movies”. I think that it makes more sense here than in many of the Asian flicks that’s hit the surface during the years. I don’t know why but as long as it’s kung fu and oriental fighters it’s not really a karate...

Raw 0

Raw – 2016 – Vegan goes cannibal

I actually never heard about this before when I ordered it a few days ago. I saw it on some list where extreme movies were listed and felt like I needed it. It was fairly cheap as it’s not a general Hollywood kind of movie. Not that it matters where it’s made but I’ve found that movies outside Hollywood and especially from Europe often are superior. AS I said, I didn’t know much about Raw but since...

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Horisont – About Time – 2017 – Swedish Hardrock!

If it were 1982… If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed that this new album by Horisont – About Time was released in 1982 or something. I don’t know if Horisont were looking for this sound. If they did, they did a good job! For me it sounds way too dated in the retrospective sense. I don’t like music that claims to be new to sound like it’s coming from the dark ages....