Daily Archive: April 4, 2019

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Livid - 2011 - from the directors of Inside

I’ve had Livid for quite a while without watching it. Probably because it’s in french and I don’t care for reading subtitles late at night. That’s a time when it’s unnatural to be awake in the first place. Of course I realize how this sounds but I don’t have a problem with subtitles. I have lots and lots of movies that are in a language I don’t understand. Everything from Japanese to Russian is represented...

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Eclipse – Monumentum – 2017

Lately I have started exploring new albums almost exclusively. I’m one of those guys who’s used to settle for what I have and what I now is good. That of course doesn’t go well in combination with blogging. Luckily I’m also very interesting in trying new things. preferably thing I never heard of before. Eclipse is one of those bands and Monumentum is their latest album. I had no idea they were Swedish and being a...