Daily Archive: April 8, 2019

Art of anarchy the madness 0

Art of Anarchy – The Madness – 2017

I feel that The Madness by Art of Anarchy has grown on me for each time I listen to it. That’s why I kept from writing about it. I should have done it several weeks ago actually because I have been listening to it for a while. Now that I finally get around to it I hardly know what to write. I never heard of Art of Anarchy before but it’s a catchy name for...

Pyewacket 0

Pyewacket – 2017 – Occult Horror

My wife and I usually don’t have the same taste when it comes to movies. It’s really strange because we’re both into horror movies. Anyway, the other day my wife surprised me with four movies. She had found the trailers online and I was supposed to choose one of them to see. After watching all of the trailers, my choice fell on Pyewacket. Partly because of the trailer of course, but I also thought the cover...