Daily Archive: April 11, 2019


Jack the Giant Slayer - 2013 - Nicely made

I’ve lost count of how many adaptions I’ve seen of this classic tale. There is Jack the Giant Slayer, Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant Killer to name a few. I’m sure there are loads of other as well. Common for them all is that there’s a land above the cloud where giants (and other creatures) live. To get there you must climb a giant beanstalk. To get the beanstalk you need to...

Satan's School for Girls 0

Satan’s School for Girls – 1973 – a little gem

Already in the opening scenes, I noticed that this would be something special. There were no big things, just subtle little details that separate scary moments from ridicules ones. Satan’s School for Girls is delivered on the right side of suspense and mysticism. We don’t already know what will happen next and who/what is behind the schemes. There are definitely some red herrings in there. As the title suggests, the Devil has something to do with the plot....

Thor: Ragnarok 0

Thor: Ragnarok – 2017 – Another piece of Marvel

Thor: Ragnarok is the third installment in the series. That means that even people like me, that barely saw the comic with this hero, knows a bit of the story and characters. As a Swede, I know a thing or two about Norse mythology though. But I guess that’s really no benefit since they have changed quite a few things in these films. Of course, the main hierarchy is still there. In other words, Odin is...