Daily Archive: March 8, 2020

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The Fifth Wave – 2016 – Alien Invasion

When I got hold of this I thought it was some kind of juvenile adventure movie. Possible with a fantasy twist. The Fifth Wave isn’t exactly that. There may be youngsters in the main parts and the story is seen from their perspective. It may even be targeted for a younger audience, but there’s nothing fantasy about it. The Fifth Wave is a Sci-Fi Thriller as I see it. The main plot is about these alien ships that...

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Dismembered – 2020

Dismembered apparently has a sub title – House of the Rotting Flesh ACT 2. If these movies have a legitimate relation is unknown. I have not seen any ACT 1, that’s for sure. But I think I’m fine. Movies like this aren’t famous for their brilliant and layered scripts. It’s more straight forward and in you face special effects. So I donät think you need any plot information told in a previous film to fully...