Daily Archive: March 15, 2020

place vendome clos to the sun 0

Place Vendome – Close to the Sun – 2017

Place Vendome – Close to the Sun Close to the Sun is Place Vendome’s fourth album and the first for med to hear. If you’ve heard Helloweens classic albums Keeper of the Seven Keys part 1 and 2 you know what a great singer Michael Kiske is. He was really an asset for Halloween at that time. But that was many years ago and Place Vendome is not the home for singer Michael Kiske. I...

Philosophy of a Knife 0

Philosophy of a Knife – 2008 – An extreme flick

I’ve had Philosophy of a Knife in my possession almost since it was released almost ten years ago. For some reason, I’ve never watched it. Maybe it’s because it’s four hours long and filmed in black and white. At least for the most part. Well, I’ve never been afraid of watching long movies in foreign languages and I often see black and white as a more stylistic way to create beautiful imagery, so that can’t be it....