Daily Archive: March 22, 2020

Safiya 0

I, Safiya – 2005

It’s easy to read this book as a statement against Islam but I don’t think that is the purpose. Safiya refers to Allah time and time again and she’s thankful for her beliefs. Allah is greater. You can have what opinions you like about her situation but for her, it’s reality. If your opinion after reading this angers you against Islam I think you’re making your own assumptions. I realize that it’s hard to separate...

Till Death Do We Rot 0

Till Death Do We Rot – 2018 – A zombie love story

Till Death Do We Rot is a short film by Emir Skalonja. As a short film, it’s always hard to bring out a complex story. There’s merely not the time to tell anything too advanced. I usually look for things that can trigger my feeling in this kind of movies rather than groundbreaking stories. In this case, there is a cool atmosphere and the shots are very beautiful, at least to begin with. Till Death Do...

The Meteor Man 0

The Meteor Man - 1993 - Robert Townsend writes, directs and star

The Meteor Man Once you look back to your youth or childhood and remember things you really enjoyed. Be aware that your memories might fool you. The masterpiece from your youth might not be such a gem anymore. Of course, the other way round is also true. I remember The Meteor Man as a silly and accidentally funny movie. Now I realize that it actually isn’t. Robert Townsend, who wrote, directed and starred in it has...