Daily Archive: April 6, 2020

Escape Room 0

Escape Room – 2019

There has been quite a few movies with reality show theme to them, some with “big brother” monitors everything and even a few Escape Room flicks before. Some of them have a supernatural feel to them, some deals with zombies and some deals with human sadism. This Escape Room dealt with the latter, Human sadism and betting on the last survivor and stuff like that. So, you can say that Escape Room is both Hostel,...

Ocra the killer whale 0

Orca - 1977 - Creature Feature

If you want to find a serious film about animals attacking humans you need to go back in time. Most of those made today is really silly and ridiculous. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing of course. But movies that wink at themself and uses every cliché in the book are seldom frightening. For that you’ll have to go back to when these films were made to scare us and not to...

Mythica 0

Mythica – The Darkspore – 2015

As I mentioned when I wrote about the first flick the universe is already existing. There are dragons and wizards and everything else that belongs to the fantasy genre. In this case even dungeons I would say. With that, I’m not stating that there are any real similarities with the classic roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons. Mythica is its own thing and we now learn some more parts of the overall story. Kevin Sorbo is...