Daily Archive: May 1, 2020

The Madame in Black 0

The Madame in Black – 2017 – A deadly urban legend

When I was a kid the legend of the Madame in Black was spread around. I’m sure that it didn’t start then and there but that’s obviously my first contact with it.  The basic idea is that you call her but saying her same in a bathroom mirror three times and she appears. In the variant I heard as a kid there were some more rules. The light needed to be out and the door...

#Screamers 0

#Screamers – 2016 – Kinda scary at times

I feel like #Screamers isn’t a bad film actor wise. It’s kinda hard to say since it’s basically a film where someone gets interviewed or by some other means tells their story to a camera. We get to follow this company that collects info about their visitors to get them the best experience possible. I guess that companies collecting data on its customers’ internet habits aren’t such a new thing. Especially since there been a...

Catching fire 0

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – 2013

To be honest I thought this Hunger Games sequel – Catching Fire, would be more or less a reprise of the first movie. I wasn’t sure how they would explain it story-wise but in a totalitarian regime I guess anything is possible. Even promises to the people can be broken. Hey! Who am I kidding? This is done by politicians every day in the real world. Why should the Hunger Games universe be any different?...