Daily Archive: May 8, 2020

Lonesome Crow 0

Scorpions – Lonesome Crow – 1972

Lonesome Crow wasn’t the first album I ever got with Scorpions. It was the first album they released though. I have several editions on vinyl but I don’t think I ever listened to it until now. At least not all in on go. It is, to say the least not representative for the band as we know it today. There is guitars and all that of course. Both Rudolf and Michael Schenker is in the...

Joker 0

Joker – 2019

When Joker hit the fan it was an immediate hit. It seemed like everybody just loved it instantly. I was, of course, curious about it but I didn’t jump as high as everyone else seemed to do. I bided my time and had no hurries seeing it. There are so many movies to see anyway (and so little time). But, I finally got around to see it and I was overwhelmed by the performance of...