Daily Archive: May 9, 2020

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Unfriended – 2014 – The Dead Comes Back

I have tagged Unfriended as a found footage flick but that’s not entirely true. It’s about these kids skyping and we get to see everything as they would see it on their computer screen. But I guess someone must have found it for us to be seeing it…unless we’re part of the chat, but we’re not. There’s also a background of another one of their friends that committed suicide a year ago or so. The...

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Pray for Death – 1985 – Sho Kusugi is the master ninja!

The first film I ever saw with Sho Kosugi was a flick called Ninja III –  The Domination. The VHS copy was a fourth or fifth generation copy so the quality was pretty messed up( the Blu-ray edition is now among my belongings). I liked the story though and I have been hooked on Ninja flicks ever since. Not that I have many in my collection but I’m in no hurry. The Other day I got...

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Territories - 2010 - Damn near perfection!

To be honest, it was the cover of this DVD that made me initially buy it. There’s something about that raw image that appeals to me. There’s almost a voyeuristic feel to it. Like that you are the spectator of the event but not really participating in it. That is true with most movies of course but I feel this could almost be a genuine story and that you can almost be there. That’s what...