Daily Archive: May 22, 2020

Love it to death 0

Alice Cooper – Love it to Death – 1971

In 1971 Alice Cooper finally started to get close to the sound that would put them on the map of rock n roll forever. There is still a couple of song on Love it to Death that are kind of psychedelic but there’s fewer of them than ever before. It’s obvious that the involvement of Bob Ezrin as producer was a real vitamin injection for the band. For me, this is where the true saga...


Rage of Honor – 1987 – Sho Kosugi is the King Ninja

The thing about referring to Sho Kosugi as a ninja on the cover is of course a way to market the movie. It’s the same for me. I mention Sho Kosugi and Ninja in the same sentence to try to get your attention. Did I succeed? The fact is the this movie has very little to do with ninjas as I see it. There are the occasional throwing star but that’s about it. There are...