Daily Archive: June 1, 2020

predestination 0

Predestination – 2014 – Time travel gone confusing

I really like films that challenge my intellect. There are few times I’m confused by them even if the message isn’t clear. Often you can make philosophical och metaphorical conclusions and by such means “get” the movie. Particular hard to understand are time travel flicks. Especially if the time travel occurs back and forth where the characters meets themselves in the past. Or in the future for that matter. Predestination takes this one step further...

Riddle Room 0

Riddle Room – 2016 – A Puzzle Mystery

I was watching this movie – Riddle Room. I thought it was a very interesting title. It doesn’t say much about the contents of course. The main plot is this woman being held captive in a room. She is tormented by masked kidnappers. We know that there are clues inside the room on how to escape. We also know that there are Clues inside the room to whom the woman really is. She doesn’t know...