Daily Archive: June 15, 2020

Evil Dead Trap 0

Evil Dead Trap – 1988 – Not so extreme japanese extreme

I saw this many years ago. But then I forgot about it and what remained in my memory was an extremely violent flick. Sometimes your memory play tricks upon you though and when I see Evil Dead Trap again I’m not that shocked. There are a few scenes that are frightening and there is a few sex scenes with topless women. Most of the sex is consensual but there are forces scenes as well aka...

Blood stained butterfly 0

The Bloodstained Butterfly – 1971 – an atypical giallo

I haven’t watched any gialli lately. In fact, it was quite some years ago since I last was interested in these italian thrillers. But since I was giving Arrow Video a new chance (it’s a long story) I ordered The Bloodstained Butterfly without knowing the first thing about it. Except that the title was great and that it was some kind of giallo. It wasn’t what I expected though. The Bloodstained Butterfly is a little...