Daily Archive: June 26, 2020

Ninja Terminator 0

Ninja Terminator – 1985 – A more serious approach

I have watched a lot of Ninja films lately. They’re often great fun even if they’re badly choreographed and dubbed even worse. That reflects on the grades of course and I haven’t been kind in my judgement. I’m actually very cheap when it comes to grades so that figures. Ninja Terminator is another Ninja flick that I saw the other day. It’s much more serious than a lot of the others but not without humor....

divergent 0

Divergent – 2014 – A Dystopian Tale

In a future society the world doesn’t work quite the same way as we know it. There are five fractions of people and you must belong to one of them. Everyone does indeed belong to them too. Well, almost everyone. Once in a blue moon someone get past the tests without being selected to one of the groups – officially that is. These people are known as divergents and they don’t fit anywhere or… everywhere....