Daily Archive: August 15, 2020

Jack the Ripper Goes West 0

Jack the Ripper Goes West – 1976

Some movies are just out to fool you. Or at least some releases of the movies out there. Apparently Jack the Ripper Goes West is also known as Knife for the Ladies which is a much better title. Jack the Ripper has nothing to do with this flick. The only similarity is that the women are killed with a knife and that they are prostitutes. Also, apparently, this movie is available on blu ray. I haven’t...

Billion Dollar Babies 0

Billion Dollar Babies – 1973 – The first masterpiece

I’ve been an Alice Cooper fan for over 30 years. That makes me feel kind of old but never mind that. I know some people have been fans for an even longer period so that makes them…even older. The first album I bought was the atypical Da Da and after that it was Constrictor I think. After that everything exploded and I knew I needed to own every single album. It wasn’t that hard to...