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7eventy 5ive – 2007 – Rutger Hauer

The semester is over on the university and a time of constant party and sex is coming up. The coolest gang of them all – The Crew, gets invited to a gigantic party at a rich classmate’s parents’ mansion. There will be all of the above, sex, alcohol and party 24/7. At least that’s what they think. An innocent game soon gets out of control. The point is to call a random number and fool...

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7 Days – 2010

Dr. Bruno Hamel and his wife see their 8-year old daughter walking off on her own. That’s the last they see of her, at least while she’s still alive. She’s found a couple of days later raped and murdered! Her parents lose themselves with grief and start to blame each other for the terrible crime. They should have looked after her and they should have done this or that. A few days go by and...