Daily Archive: February 14, 2021

A child called it 0

A Child Called It – 1995 – A True story

I think it’s some kind of safety mechanism in the human nature that starts to doubt the authenticity of a story like A Child called it. It’s too gruesome, too horrible so it cannot be true. It’s easy to think that way. Are there really people in this world that can be this sadistic to a child? Well, since it’s claimed to be a true story, apparently so. For some reason, I feel that stories like...

Evergrey 0

Evergrey – The Atlantic – 2019

Even if Evergrey has been around since the mid 90’s I never listened to them before. Actually I never even heard about them. Yet they are my countrymen and come, like so many other Swedish Metal bands, from Gothenburg. Anyway, I was so out of inspiration the other day that I asked a friend for suggestions on what to listen to. I got a couple of names and my choice fell on Evergrey. I choose...

Sargad 0

Sargad – 2017 – A swedish revenge slasher

The first thing that got me interested in Sargad was the poster artwork. There’s something special about a woman standing in her underwear, with blood running down her legs and with a hedge cutter in her hand. It’s the kind of artwork that is pure genius really! Sargad obviously didn’t have much of a budget. It shows from time to time. There are problems with quality in some scenes and not in other so there’s not...