Daily Archive: February 17, 2021


Quarantine 2: Terminal – 2011 – Stand Alone Sequel

A flight from L.A. is forced to do an emergency landing when one of the passengers starts to attack the others. When they finally reach the ground there seems to by no help available. They search for a free gate where they expect to find medical personal. But nothing happens. All entries to the terminal are locked. What’s going on? Soon they realize that the entire building is surrounded and quarantined. A virus turn one...

Sonata Arctica 0

Sonata Arctica – Talviyö – 2019

Do you remember when I wrote about Evergrey the other day? Sonata Arctica is another band that I got suggested to me and that I never heard about before. It’s nice to have friends good enough to suggest new things to discover. So…I fired up Spotify and found their latest album – Talviyö, which means Winter Night in Finnish. I always try to listen on the whole album when I get suggestions even if I...


Worm – 2009 – Richard Powell is GOD

Geoffrey Oswald Dodd is a plain teacher and lives an ordinary life with content. He happily teaches his students and to grade their papers and there’s nothing special going on at all. At least that’s the outer image that people see, in reality the truth is somewhat different. He’s plagued with dark thought about (in his mind) the retarded students in the class and wants, beyond anything else, to bang the only bright thing in...