Daily Archive: February 23, 2021

Gene Simmons 0

Kiss – Gene Simmons – 1978

When I grew up in the 70s and 80s I thought Kiss was so cool. And Coolest of all was, of course, Gene Simmons! He was my favorite by far! That was, more or less, his character, music-wise I liked Ace Frehley best. His songs were always more rock than the other members in the band. Anyway. This solo album from 1978 sounds mostly like an ordinary Kiss album, just like Paul Stanley’s solo album...

Hail to the Chief 0

Bourbon Boys – Hail to the Chief – 2013

When I first heard Hail to the Chief by Bourbon Boys I wasn’t sure if it was a serious album or not. You know the feeling when something is just a little bit too typical for the genre. Something that it right on the edge between serious and delf distanced. I’m still not sure I might add. But after listening to Hail to the Chief for many times more at least I decided that I...