Asphalt Valentine – 2009 – Strip Rock Roll

strip rock rollHave you heard of Asphalt Valentine before? I haven’t. Well, of course now when I’ve listened to Strip Rock Roll I’m familiar with their sound, not before. I got the recommendation that this should sound something like The Erotics which I like. I just had to check it out of course. How good are these automation recommendations anyway?

As I have always said. The Erotics lead man Mike Trash has one big hero – Alice Cooper. He seem to sound just like him in any way that he can. The Erotics music is kind of vulgar glam garage rock type of music. Asphalt Valentine is more laid-back in that sence. it’s still garage rock but it’s not that vulgar and outspoken. Don’t let the cover of Strip Rock Roll fool you. She might sit there sexy as a goddess but she doesn’t participate on the album.

I like this. It’s down to earth and sound like genuine rock. It is not too produced for its own good as often can be the case with rock music these days. But I guess that the main genre of Strip Rock Roll garage rock makes up for that. If it’s over produced it’ll seize to be garage rock and becomes something else. This is nice and I even raised the rating somewhat after listening to it  a few times.

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