The Bacon Brothers – 36¢ – 2014

bacon brothersIt was several years ago when I first heard about that actor Kevin Bacon had a band with his brother Michael – The Bacon Brothers. I thought it was quite funny at the time. I didn’t make any effort to find out anything more about their music though. It has been until now before I have actually listen to them. I needed to come to a conclusion about their music. I knew from the beginning that the musical style would be blues but not how much it would be mixed up with other styles and genres.

When I listen to it I realize that it’s more or less core blues. Maybe some blues rock at times but most of this album is twelve bar blues songs. For me, that is what I like best about the blues. Those twelve bars song really define the blues in my mind. The Bacon Brothers does it well. Neither of them might be a brilliant singer but they sure do get an A+ for effort.

There are lots of guitar on the album which I like of course. There’s some blues shredding. Not on the level with blues shredding king Johnny Winter though. But everyone doesn’t need to put out as many notes as they can in each measure as him. I think it’s played good and the singing is nice too. I’ve learned that this is the Bacon Brothers eights album and that they’ve had this band together since 1995. That’s kind of impressive!

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