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The Sweet – Heroes of my youth!

When I grew up there was this great record in my mom’s record shelf. Not that she and I never shared any preferences and I figure this was bought by mistake. However, The Sweets Golden Greats was a record I came to love among those pieces of vinyl. So much, that I managed to convince her to give the album to me when I moved away from my childhood home. I still have it, but...

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Frank Stallone and the music

I’ve known about Frank Stallone for some years. But…I just thought he was the older brother to Sylvester Stallone and was an actor in a couple of B-movies. A sibling that cashing in on his more famous siblings’ Success. There are other examples of it or course. And I do emphasize that this might not be their intent. They’re basically not as successful as there siblings. I don’t claim that they willingly cash in on...

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100 song playlist

Finally, there’s an official Music playlist on the site again. It’s not such a simple task as you might think to create one of those. At least not for me. I don’t know if you have more talent for choosing favorite songs than me. I would sure love to see and hear your lists! I had some rules when creating this. 100 songs, no more and no less Not more than 3 songs from the same artist...