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Super Duper Alice Cooper 0

Super Duper Alice Cooper – 2014

I’m never first with reviewing stuff. Well actually I am sometimes but usually not. Especially when I come to big commercial things. For some special interest stuff, I can be first and alone to write about it in the whole world. Alice Cooper is kinda one of my special interests though, but Super Duper Alice Cooper is kinda “big” and very commercial. I’m sure there are loads of reviews out there so why should I...

666 revealed 0

The Real Omen – 666 Revealed – 2006

When I first got this movie many years ago I thought it was a documentary based on the Omen films.It is a very misleading cover though. The Omen has nothing what so ever to do with this documentary. Instead 666 Revealed focus on a handful of serial killers that all have been born on the date of a Satanic Ceremony of some kind. Hence it is argued that these serial killer could be the offspring...

Philosophy of a Knife 0

Philosophy of a Knife – 2008 – An extreme flick

I’ve had Philosophy of a Knife in my possession almost since it was released almost ten years ago. For some reason, I’ve never watched it. Maybe it’s because it’s four hours long and filmed in black and white. At least for the most part. Well, I’ve never been afraid of watching long movies in foreign languages and I often see black and white as a more stylistic way to create beautiful imagery, so that can’t be it....