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Love Object 0

Love Object – 2003 – a sex doll lovestroy

Kenneth works as a copywriter of sorts. Well, forget that, not of sorts, he’s a copywriter specialized in instruction books. He’s very good at his job and finished long before the deadline every time. You could say that he has a pretty boring life and lives solely for his profession. Maybe that is why he’s so efficient and fast when it comes to creating instruction manuscripts. For this new assignment, he gets a new assistant but it’s obvious...


Behind Convent Walls – 1978 – Walerian Borowczyk

I’ve seen a few movie by Walerian Borowczyk before. I think they’re all more or less kind of difficult to watch. Not because of the adult themes often included in them but for the slow-paced process of the plot. Behind Convent Walls isn’t an exception from that rule. There’s actually not much going on. It’s more like a snapshot of what goes on behind the closed-door of the convent. And let me tell you, there...