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The Madame in Black 0

The Madame in Black – 2017 – A deadly urban legend

When I was a kid the legend of the Madame in Black was spread around. I’m sure that it didn’t start then and there but that’s obviously my first contact with it.  The basic idea is that you call her but saying her same in a bathroom mirror three times and she appears. In the variant I heard as a kid there were some more rules. The light needed to be out and the door...


Worm – 2009 – Richard Powell is GOD

Geoffrey Oswald Dodd is a plain teacher and lives an ordinary life with content. He happily teaches his students and to grade their papers and there’s nothing special going on at all. At least that’s the outer image that people see, in reality the truth is somewhat different. He’s plagued with dark thought about (in his mind) the retarded students in the class and wants, beyond anything else, to bang the only bright thing in...