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Death or Glory 0

Heavy Load – Death or Glory – 1982

If we’re talking about Swedish Heavy Metal bands, there’s one band that comes to mind – Heavy Load. They were true pioneers of the genre in Sweden back in the day. They fulfill all criteria of a cult band too. Maybe they weren’t that obscure back in the day but they sure didn’t get the attention they deserved. Maybe that’s why they didn’t stick around for long either. They just weren’t willing to compromise their...

Walk the Earth 0

Europe releases new album

The last few albums with Europe has been quite nice. Some better than others of course but I like the concept. It’s not that kind of “hit pop metal” like during The Final Countdown era. It’s more straightforward hard rock these days. Walk the Earth should be interesting to hear. To be released October 20th, 2017.

TwentySeventeen 0

Travel with the Sun – TwentySeventeen – 2017

When there’s an email from a band that recently released their debut album in the inbox things can basically go in two directions. The first way is that it’s something kinda awkward on the album. Perhaps something that’s way to modern and doesn’t suit an old man like me. Then there’s the other possibility. That the music featured on the album is really good and you wonder why you never heard it before. This is...

One of the Boys 0

Gretchen Wilson – One of the Boys – 2007

I actually reviewed Gretchen Wilson and One of the boys once before. Don’t worry, it was somewhere else and in another language. I don’t see it as a problem anyway since opinions are like perishables and are only valid for a short moment in time. Most opinions don’t differ that much over time though and only minor changes occur. Country music isn’t my favorite genre but I do listen from time to time as I find...

Monstrocity 0

Madam X does comeback!

Do you remember 1984 when We Reserve the Right to Rock came out? There was also a hit single – High in High School. What happened then? One of the Petrucci sisters –  Roxy Petrucci joined the all-female band Vixen but I don’t know what happened to the other members. They just disappeared I guess. Monstrocity must be one of the most anticipated this entire decade. I must have it! It will be released on October 13th,...

baeutiful trauma 0

Pink releases Beautiful Trauma

Pink is one of the most unusual artists in my frame of liked artists. Not because she’s any different from other pop artists. Well, maybe she is or I wouldn’t like her music so much. But as an old metal-head, I find it remarkable that I like her albums so much. I don’t have all of them but I do have a few and they’re very nice to listen to. Pink has a great voice and...

Walkin' on the razors edge 0

Helix – Walkin’ the Razors Edge – 1984

When this album was released in 1984 the song Rock You was a pretty popular tune here in Sweden. I can’t say that it was a big radio hit in that sense. Partly because I don’t remember and partly because I know that Swedish radio wasn’t fond of playing songs from metal albums as Walkin’ the Razors Edge at the time. I think that has changed somewhat over the years but I don’t know to...

Tom Petty 0

Tom Petty Passed away

To write an obituary or something similar about an artist I never really listened to and don’t know much about is hard. Sure I’ve heard him over the years but it never really grabbed me. I was a metal head after all. I did enjoy The Travelling Wilburys though. So for me, Tom Petty was first at foremost one-fifth of the super-band also containing Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne. It’s unquestionable how...