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Candlemass release the Door to Doom

Candlemass is the band that started Doom Metal for me. I know they were there in the begining not just for me but for the genre as a whole. It’s always nice to discover what you old heroes are doing these days. The Door to Darkness will be release on 2019-02-22.

the new normal 0

Kane Roberts Releases The New Normal

I got a couple of Albums from Kane Roberts before. They’re both kinda mediocre. Well, that might not be the right word but they doesn’t live up to the intensity of what I connect him with. I discovered Kane Roberts together with Alice Cooper vack in 1986-87. Alice Cooper released the albums Constrictor and Raise Your Fist and Yell. A couple of very “hard rock” albums for Alice Cooper. (The first “hard rock” Alice cooper...


Ancient Bards to release The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2

Honestly I never heard Part 1. I have, however, heard some other work done by Ancient Bards and I think this will be very pleasing. Ancient Bards usualy delivers some smooth technichal melodic kinda metal. If you got some kind of imagination, take the bands name and you will know the sound they make. The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2 will be out 2019-01-25.

Plese Remain Seated 0

Thunder – Please Remain Seated – Out now

I have a small confession to make.. I totally missed this new album by Thunder. I have partially listened to it on Spotify and I like what I hear. You simply can’t go wrong with Thunder! Please Remain Seated contains re-arranged and re-recorded versions of previous songs, sounding more laidback than ever. If you’re into smooth power ballads, this is an album for you.

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Update and changes

I had to take away the rating widget from the page since it didn’t work anymore due to some other updates. I hope I can re-introduce it soon since I really liked having my own rating compared to yours. Maybe there’s another plugin that can be used? If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments. Another thing that I can’t get to work anymore is the justify plugin. You know, text...