Dismembered – 2020


Dismembered apparently has a sub title – House of the Rotting Flesh ACT 2. If these movies have a legitimate relation is unknown. I have not seen any ACT 1, that’s for sure. But I think I’m fine. Movies like this aren’t famous for their brilliant and layered scripts. It’s more straight forward and in you face special effects. So I donät think you need any plot information told in a previous film to fully get this.

But let’s go through the plot anyway. Dismembered begins with an FBI Agent telling the husband and father of their child that his wife and son have been killed in a car accident. Only that the police suspect that it wasn’t an accident. They found a note to base their theory on. Pretty vague but who really cares. I think it’s good that there’s an attempted storyline there and not just guts and blood from beginning to the end. The acting is quite bad and there are characters that don’t make any sense at all. I don’t care, its part of the fun in a movie like this.

There’s a sequence I don’t get at all with a garage sale that might have been good to develop more since I really liked the atmosphere of that. And who cares if there’s a false mustache in there. Anyway. The plot jumps forward to a guy who is clearly unstable and has compulsive thoughts about severing his limbs. His psychiatrist tries to help him by giving him some pills but they have the opposite effect. His dreams about a limbless life increases. Of course, we know more than this poor guy and realize the psychiatrist doesn’t have his patients best in mind. He has a personal agenda.

You can figure out what’s gonna happen, can’t you? The title hints it. Yes, you guessed right. When the movie ends there are several dismembered limbs, lots of blood and a motif for the psychiatrist’s actions. What it is you’ll have to see for yourself. Here you will find pretty good special effects, and I’m not talking about CGI. This is genuine craftsmanship. I’m not too fond of the blood though. I think blood should be thicker than wine but I think the dismembering look good!

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