El Día de la Bestia – 1995 – The Day of the Beast

day of the beastMy Spanish is almost non existing. There are a couple of words I actually understand but apart from that it’s all gibberish to me. But there’s luckily English subtitles on The Day of the Beast. For some reason I thought that this was a horror flick. Well, it’s easy to make that assumption with such a title for the movie. But if you’re attentive you’ll notice that the cover actually says that this is a satanic comedy. Even I should have understood that in Spanish. But never mind. There’s way too many languages out there and not enough room in the translating brain for them all. Maybe that’s why we have Google translate after all… Hahaha!

Anyway. The Day of the Beast is a comedy about this priest that starts to do as many evil deeds as possible  all of a sudden. We get very little background to why. He claims to have “cracked the code” or something like that and therefore needs to do as much evil as possible. We get more clues along the way to what “code” ha actually cracked but that comes later. It doesn’t really matter and I don’t think it’s a spoiler saying that he wants contact with the Devil to sort a few things out. Some small things like the end of the world.

It’s very funny to see his awkward attempts to be evil. Something is utterly absurd (in a good way) and I laughed out loud on a few occasions. There’s real gallows humor in there. But the priest isn’t the only funny character in The Day of the Beast that’s funny and totally screwed up. We have this wanna-be bad heavy metal fan that runs a record store. He’s somewhat of an expert of Black Metal music with message in the lyrics, something the priest is very interested in. There’s also the TV-preacher kind of guy. To screw thing around he’s not a preacher in usual sense and sells his show by being an expert on the occult dark side.

All of these odd characters and a few more helps out too to make this a very funny movie. The world is about to end and needs saving. Of course no one knows what they’re doing. They might think that they do, but they actually don’t. Oh.. And there’s LCD involved too. So if things weren’t screwed up enough try to add some acid to the equation and use you imagination. I don’t think you can, I dare you!

Highly recommended indeed!

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