Kill and Kill Again - 1981 - James Ryan returns

Kill and Kill AgainDo you remember when I wrote about Kill or be Killed some time ago? This was the movie that I thought I got. It obviously wasn’t. But I needed to get my hands on Kill and Kill again to set my mind at ease. I got it, I watched it and I rembered very little. haha!

James Ryan stars in this one again. Since the cover art is very alike I assumed that he’s playing the same part. I’m not sure that he does. His charachter has the same first name but the last name differs. I don’t know if that’s important or not. The movies aren’t connected in any way that I can detect. More than the actors of course and the fact that they both feature Martial Arts.

In Kill and Kill Again James Ryans charachter Steve Chase is hired to find and rescue Dr Kane who has been kidnapped but the evil Marduk. He gather some of his friend for the task and their on thei way. The evil Marduk has plans to take over the world so we have a world dominiation sceme as in any Bond movie. We have lots of fighting and we have way to much comedy if you ask me. Not everything needs to be a gag and made funny. That’s just my opinion of course.

kill and kill again false beard

The Villian. (When I wrote about Kill or be Killed I mention this amazing false beard!)

You should look for a scene that was later “re-used” in the Matrix. A bullet coming out from a gun in slow motion while everything else doesn’t seem to slow down. Apareltly this was the first movie ever to use that effect, which is known as “bullet-time”.

Anyway. This was not as entertaining as I remebered it. It was kinda hard to keep focus all the way through and If you’re not into martial arts flicks from the 80’s you probably should skip it!

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