Kingdom of Gladiators – 2011 – Sword and Sandal

Kingdom of GladiatorsLuckily I have kind of a fetish for movies set in the ancient world with sword and sandals. Or a dream world for that matter, or a parallel universe. It really doesn’t matter. I like the barbarian culture and if there’s demons and wizards so much the better. There might even be ancient legends of doom or world destruction. All the better! Kingdom of Gladiators has a few of these elements. I don’t think there was any wizard in there, but there is a witch and there’s definitely legends of doom and ancient demons out to create mayhem.

That’s about all that is good with Kingdom of Gladiators too. The acting sucks and the cinematography sucks. Everything looks cheap and uninteresting, and not in a good way. Because sometime cheap and dirty can be a good thing. But here’s it’s obviously done that way because of lack of money. I guess it could be incompetence but I really doubt it.

Basically we have this king and conqueror that has grown tired of the battle. He sells his souls to the dark side so that he can end the ever ongoing wars once and for all. In return he needs to sacrifice all of his heirs to the dark side as well. Peace is achieved and everyone lives happily ever after… until… Well, of course this won’t last for ever and the demons come back to bring back an ever greater demon. A demon that will surely end the word. We learn that the king didn’t sacrifice his children after all and that the dark demon found out.

ridicules movie but since I like the basis of the gladiator/barbarian movies I still enjoyed it. As I said before, the acting is the worst of all. It’s really really bad. There is one saving grace but this character is being killed of too early. Well, shit happens I suppose.

I wouldn’t recommend Kingdom of Gladiators to anyone. Not if you’re not like me that is. But I warn you. You probably won’t like it!

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