Venom 0

New livealbum from Venom

Legendary band Venom releases live album. I’m not sure if it’s from “the good old days” or if it’s new material. Release October 13th, 2017.

Monstrocity 0

Madam X does comeback!

Do you remember 1984 when We Reserve the Right to Rock came out? There was also a hit single – High in High School. What happened then? One of the Petrucci sisters –  Roxy Petrucci joined the all-female band Vixen but I don’t know what happened to the other members. They just disappeared I guess. Monstrocity must be one of the most anticipated this entire decade. I must have it! It will be released on October 13th,...

baeutiful trauma 0

Pink releases Beautiful Trauma

Pink is one of the most unusual artists in my frame of liked artists. Not because she’s any different from other pop artists. Well, maybe she is or I wouldn’t like her music so much. But as an old metal-head, I find it remarkable that I like her albums so much. I don’t have all of them but I do have a few and they’re very nice to listen to. Pink has a great voice and...

Walkin' on the razors edge 0

Helix – Walkin’ the Razors Edge – 1984

When this album was released in 1984 the song Rock You was a pretty popular tune here in Sweden. I can’t say that it was a big radio hit in that sense. Partly because I don’t remember and partly because I know that Swedish radio wasn’t fond of playing songs from metal albums as Walkin’ the Razors Edge at the time. I think that has changed somewhat over the years but I don’t know to...

Tom Petty 0

Tom Petty Passed away

To write an obituary or something similar about an artist I never really listened to and don’t know much about is hard. Sure I’ve heard him over the years but it never really grabbed me. I was a metal head after all. I did enjoy The Travelling Wilburys though. So for me, Tom Petty was first at foremost one-fifth of the super-band also containing Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne. It’s unquestionable how...

The Moment After 0

The Moment After – 1999 – People Disapear

This is a typical example of a movie that makes us believe it’s something else based on the cover art. To me, this looks like an end of the world action flick but once it gets going it’s more about these people disappeared. It’s a mystery from start to finish and nobody knows when really happen. There are different theories to the event though. None of them are really satisfying. The Moment after is a...

Dark Matters 0

The Rasmus releases Dark Matters

I can’t really say that I’ve listened very much to the Rasmus in the past. But as they release their new album Dark Matter on October 6th, 2017 I might have a reason to explore their music further.

Pinewood smile 0

The Darkness releases new album

I have The Darkness first couple of albums. I think the two or three first. The music is kinda a mix between Queen in their early days and all kinds of glam rock bands really. Pinewood Smiled is released on October 6th, 2017

Black eyed children 0

Astral Doors – 2017 – Black Eyed Children

I love having friends that can recommend good music to me. Because it doesn’t really matter if you into this or that genre. It’s impossible to know it all anyway. We all need someone else to point out the music that we miss. Then again, you could ask the question how it’s possible to miss a band like Astral Doors when Black Eyed Children is their seventh album? But the truth is that I never...

Anatomie 2 0

Anatomie 2 – 2003 – a sequel of sorts

It’s no secret that sequels often not deliver the same standard as the first in a series of films. In the case of Anatomie 2, the same director as directed the first film was given the job. If I understand it correctly, Stefan Ruzowitzky, reluctantly accepted the task after writing the script.  Based on interviews featured in the extra material the producers claimed no one else could direct his ideas so he had to come back....