Rampage: Big Meets Bigger – 2018


Rampage is one of those movie that looks really cool on the outside, before you start to watch it. It looks stonecold to be honest. Dwayne Johnson looks tough and the animals, especially the gorilla looks awsome! It’s hard to say if it will be a totallt awasome action movie or kinda an adventurous movie aimed at younger audiances. That is before you see the actual movie.

It is a little bit too ridiculous for my tastes. It’s funny at times but also a bit juvinile. För a grown man of almost 50 I guess I’m not that attracted to that kind of movies anymore. There we’re certanly elements in there I enyoyed, but at a whole it’s a little bit too strightforward and typical. Som of the story is rightforward cartoonish with really wooden acting. That’s something I don’t necessarily enjoy.

Rampage begins in space with a space station collapsing. We later learn that this is the research facility for an upright evil corporation. Well, at least one of the owners are evil. It’s owned by two siblings – a sister, and a brother. I think these characters are the most wooden of all. It’s so much over the top that it’s not even funny. The dominating bitch sister taking control of the nerd brother. There’s no life to it, no depth at all to the charachters.

Instead, there’s life in the character of George, the albino Gorilla you see on the cover of Rampage. It’s odd that the character with most life inside is a CGI creation. Well, I guess they don’t make them like they used to. Dwayne Johnson plays this animal expert that saves the day at the end. There must be a character like that in every disaster movie. Because I think that Rampage qualifies as a distaster movie. There are three animals going to Chicago, and they will stop at nothing getting there. They’re raging and don’t let anything stand in their way.

Anyway. The research material reaches earth and when the animals are axosed to it they get extremely aggressive and grow beyond control. George, the gorilla, is the one we get to follow the most. It’s natural to use a creature that is intelligent and is very resembling to us humans. It becomes more a monster in some ways since it was kinda tame to begin with. Adding size and temper to a wild animal like the wolf doesn’t make as big a contrast like the gorilla.

Of course it’s entertaining to watch and you might get caught up into it. But I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again. it’s a one time watch movie for me. But you should never say never and never rule out possibilities. Right now it feel like enough but of course things migh changes over time.

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