Sargad – 2017 – A swedish revenge slasher

SargadThe first thing that got me interested in Sargad was the poster artwork. There’s something special about a woman standing in her underwear, with blood running down her legs and with a hedge cutter in her hand. It’s the kind of artwork that is pure genius really!

Sargad obviously didn’t have much of a budget. It shows from time to time. There are problems with quality in some scenes and not in other so there’s not that natural consistency in it. Sometimes it’s dark and the next scene has lights. Most of the time it works.

The acting is uneven of course. Sarah Giercksky does the best performance in my mind She also wrote the movie. She’s really suburb when the revenge starts for real. Her fury is very well portrayed.

I guess the hedge cutter is an homage to the classic slasher The Burning. A film that a lot of fans of the genre hold very high. There are other references throughout the movie as well. In this perspective,  it’s obvious that the there’s a lot of knowledge of the classic horror movies behind it. There’s of course focus on the revenge. And we have one scene in particular that goes over the top. For once we’re not talking about female body parts that are so usual in the subgenre. We’re talking about male genitalia. Ouch!

For the most part, I liked the movie. It was a bit too long, especially in the beginning and build up. But I can take that. There was also some problems with the dialog. Some lines that were totally unnecessary. There’s no need to mention everything, some things can just be shown on screen and we will get the concept anyway. Even without talking about it.

Disclaimer: The original post was lost and I’ve tried to recreate it as good as I could from memory. I don’t always remember all the details I felt in the original writing moment so there might be some differences. To keep the tempo up I’ve tried to be as short and to the point as possible.

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