Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity – 1987

Slave Girls from beyond infinityThere’s nothing like a nice cheesy flick! And whoever says this isn’t cheesy is either a liar or a fool. From the very beginning of Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity this is a hilarious experience. From the very first spoken line you realize that these actresses weren’t chosen for their acting skills. On the contrary they have pretty nice bodies and there’s even scenes were they have to act topless. I think the challenge was to fins cheap enough actresses willing to show as much skin as possible. From beginning to end the main characters wears bikinis or less. If that doesn’t make you a dirty old man I don’t know what will.

Jokes aside, this is a pretty bad movie in most of the senses of the word. The actors a bad och even worse. The dialog is horrible and the main plot is just a lame excuse to make a movie. In all cases this should be a drop dead awful movie. But it isn’t! It’s great fun! Most of the laughter might come from unintentional humor of course but I think the movie makers are also aware of the cheesy qualities here. Either they had lots of fun making Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity or they suffer from illusions of grandness.

it is set in the future I think. But it could also be set in a galaxy far far away. It really doesn’t matter since it’s not “here and now”. This is set in a fantasy universe. There’s no need to connect it with a real timeline. basically we have some girls escaping from captivity just to crash on another planet. There they find themselves prisoners once again by this crazy man who lives for the hunt. On his walls there are heads of all kind of animals and now he’s about to start hunt the most cunning animal of them all – man! Or woman, because women are by far the more cunning of the spices he think. Of any species I think.

After some sex and nudity the women av released into the jungle were he starts hunting them. Pretty simple. Apart from the cheesy plot and the topless scenes there are some fantastic robots. I’m not sure that I can even begin describing them. They are obviously very warm for the actor inside the costume but they look kind of cool. Cool but cheap! Really cheap!

I think the basic story about the hunter wanting to hunt humans is somewhat of a classic. It has been used in several book and movies through the years. Yet, it’s a very frightening thought though and the movie itself is very entertaining. Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity is not good in the usual sense but damn entertaining!

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