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Belko Experiment 0

The Belko Experiment – 2016 – Would you survive?

The Belko Experiment begins pretty awkwardly. The employees are all searched when going into the office building. We as the audience knows that something violent is going to happen so for us it might not be strange. But if you look at it from the eyes of the personnel you might see it in a different light. Wouldn’t you be surprised if you suddenly were frisked before entering your office building, after being employed a...

Anatomie 2 0

Anatomie 2 – 2003 – a sequel of sorts

It’s no secret that sequels often not deliver the same standard as the first in a series of films. In the case of Anatomie 2, the same director as directed the first film was given the job. If I understand it correctly, Stefan Ruzowitzky, reluctantly accepted the task after writing the script.  Based on interviews featured in the extra material the producers claimed no one else could direct his ideas so he had to come back....

Philosophy of a Knife 0

Philosophy of a Knife – 2008 – An extreme flick

I’ve had Philosophy of a Knife in my possession almost since it was released almost ten years ago. For some reason, I’ve never watched it. Maybe it’s because it’s four hours long and filmed in black and white. At least for the most part. Well, I’ve never been afraid of watching long movies in foreign languages and I often see black and white as a more stylistic way to create beautiful imagery, so that can’t be it....