The Wicked One – 2017 – Pure Evil

The Wicked OneI saw a trailer of The Wicked One and was curious about it. It seemed to be a nice slasher from what I could see. I soon realized that it was a homage to Halloween and the town is called Carpenter Falls. Clever! The Wicked One more or less follows the formula of Halloween. In parts of the story is very easy to find the similarities. Well, in most parts actually! That’s fine. It’s an obvious tribute and as such it’s ok.

The Wicked one cannot be compared to Halloween in a quality sence though. The actors are quite bad, the writing makes no sence at times and the story is totally illogical some of the times. Things happen that are just plain stupid and there are not enough gory murders in it. Not that Halloween had any gore in it to begin with but there was at least a lot of suspense and clever filmmaking.

The Wicked One does deliver some family drama though. The characters are not at best terms with each other to say the least. There are threats and drugs and of course sex in the movie too. Well, not incestuous sex mind you. Just the kind that will get you killed in a slasher. Some kills are nice but as a whole I could come up with some nastier scenes where kills could take place. How about a spear through the head of this guy performing cunnilingus? Would be nice! A spear trough his head and up through her vagina. That would make an impression! unfortunately there is not much of these innovative kills in there.

An uneven movie. Some of it are quite nice. Maybe not with a lot of suspense but still with som interesting stuff. Some are plain boring and the pace is far too low for it to be succesful. It’s kinda a standard run of the mill slasher. Nothing more, nothing less…

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