John Candy 0

John Candy

Even if John Candy was a comedian I was very impressed by his acting. I say that because I’m usually not too fond of comedies and comedians. Horror is my genre or at least it used to be. Nowadays I tend to lean more towards dark dramas that really need some thought. But never mind that now. John Candy was a comedian and I loved his movies. I still do of course. Some of my favorites...

Chevy Chase 0

Chevy Chase

To be honest, Chevy Chase was never a favorite actor of mine. Many of friends liked his movies in my youth but I never saw the charm in them. It wasn’t until I saw Nothing but Trouble, with the late and that I started to discover his acting. And of course in Memoirs of an Invisible Man since he was one of my favorite directors. I’m still not too fond of many of his movies...

John Carpenter 0

John Carpenter

John Carpenter was the first of my favorite directors. It was most probably his 1978 movie Halloween that caught my initial attention. After that, I realized that he had done almost every genre out there and perfected all styles to make them his own. There’s comedy, Memoirs of an Invisible Man with and , there’s police action thriller Assault on Prescient 13 and even av Sci-Fi comedy of sorts, the debut Dark Star. Of course, I...

Eddie Murphy 0

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy came on strong in the early 80’s with lots of successful films. He did Trading places and 48 hrs that were both very good and He put his name among the great comedic stars. Other notable films are Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop and the Golden Child which I am very fond of. in the 90’s and forward he started to star and appear in productions that were not so good. I...

Jamie Lee Curtis 0

Jamie Lee Curtis

Daughter of and . I discovered her acting skills in the great comedy Trading Places which also gave comedic stardom. I think she’s most famous for being one of the original Scream Queens though, as she starred in Halloween and later the Fog. Two great horror movies that somewhat formed the industry. Jamie Lee Curtis is married to .

Elivs Presley 0

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is probably the most famous rock and rollers of all time. His nickname “the King” says it all. He was one of the first of this new music rock and roll to get embraced by society. He had a voice many have tried to imitate but no one succeeded to do so. With a pretty short career, Elvis Presley died 42 years old, he became a legend in the music business. He became...

Martin Landau 0

Martin Landau

Martin Landau made lots and lots of television shows. But often just one or two episodes. He was married to Barbara Bain from 1957 to 1993 when they divorced. Both of them appeared regularly in the original Mission Impossible TV show and in Space 1999. Martin also had a long movie career. Maybe not that many notable roles during the year but a great actor. He was awarded with an Oscar for his role as...

Barbara Bain 0

Barbara Bain

For me Barbara Bain is most famous for her participation in the original Mission Impossible series. She was married to Martin Landau between 1957-1993 who were also a part of that series.  She was also acting in Space 1999, again with Martin Landau.

Max Schreck 0

Max Schreck

To be honest I’ve seen Max Schreck act in one film only. His most famous role is that of Count Orlock in the first full length film about Dracula – Nosferatu. Of course They needed to hide the story was based on Bram Stoker famous novel. Hence Count Orlock was born. In my opinion there couldn’t have been made a better choice for the part. I don’t think that the only thing making Nosferatu so...