100 song playlist


Finally, there’s an official Music playlist on the site again. It’s not such a simple task as you might think to create one of those. At least not for me. I don’t know if you have more talent for choosing favorite songs than me. I would sure love to see and hear your lists!

I had some rules when creating this.

  • 100 songs, no more and no less
  • Not more than 3 songs from the same artist
  • preferably not more than one from each album (although I broke this rule)

That’s about it. No special order, no best to worst or worst to best. I will change some of the songs over time though. Some might not belong there in the long run even if they initially seemed like a good idea. You can follow the list if you please and share your own 100 song lists with me. I’d love to hear stuff that is outside of the comfort zone.

Tommy Snöberg Söderberg

Autodidact film scholar and music-loving thinker who reads the occasional book.

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